11 April 2008

Summer in the City

It was beautiful out yesterday and I thought it'd be nice to take a stroll through Seward Park and enjoy the weather.
As I get to the tiny enclave of recreational outdoors covered in cement and broken glass I see this young buck wylin' out, screaming in Spanish about something into this poor old drunk guy's face as the poor old guy's drunk pals sat and watched. I'm sure this was some type of gang shit in some way because of the increase in gang activity in NYC in the last couple of years, I just don't understand how all these old hobos are getting involved in it. Anyway no ones gives a shit what's going on with the drunk guy, but there is some tension about to pop off. I start making my way through the quarter of a half block long park, and I see the young buck reach in his back pocket and pull out a boxcutter. Old dude stood his ground and the kid just held it behind his back for a minute then screamed and walked off. I was relieved no one got sliced, and made my way back toward the street to meet up Jare and enjoy the rest of the day.
Summertime in NYC. Don't get it Mickey Mouse twisted, still Stay Sharp*

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