02 March 2008

Antipop Consortium Reunited and It Feels Nice

I saw Antipop at the Empty Bottle in Chicago about six years ago while they were promoting their album Arrythmia. It was the first time I met Oscar, and it ended up being one of the best concerts I've seen. Beans wore mysterious sunglasses and bobbed his bald head back and forth throughout the set so hard I thought his head might fall off when he was rapping. They were a little crazy, ahead of their time, and were never fully appreciated for their musical experimentation. But you see, what happens is this: the under-appreciation by the masses makes me cherish them all the more.

AntiPop is currently recording a new album. Tickets are on sale for two shows March 22nd at Knitting Factory in NYC followed by a European tour. No other stateside shows as of yet. You can listen to their new single here.


Unknown said...

i saw beans at southpaw a few years ago and he was amazing. i'm definitely tagging along with you guys to this.

Oscar Arriola said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear they're getting back together. That Empty Bottle show was great.