27 March 2008

Chicago Style

So, what exactly is a Chicago Dog?
It's a steamed all beef Hot Dog topped with yellow mustard, bright green relish, onions, tomato wedges, pickle spear or slice, sport peppers and a dash of celery salt served in the all-important steamed poppyseed bun.

The toppings are just as important as the order they are applied to the hot dog. Add toppings in the following order:
Yellow Mustard
Bright Green Relish
Fresh Chopped Onions
Two Tomato Wedges
A Pickle Spear or Slice
Two Sport Peppers
A Dash of Celery Salt
Remember: When adding toppings, dress the dog and not the bun!

To quote Clint Eastwood in Sudden Impact, "You know what makes me really sick to my stomach? It's watching you stuff your face with those hot dogs! Nobody--I mean nobody puts ketchup on a Hot Dog!"

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