15 March 2008

Stamina 2008 at the Whitney

NYC downtown artist Agathe Snow has created one of her "Environments" for the Whitney Biannual. Stamina 2008 is a week-long, 24-hour-a-day dance party marathon that is in it's final hours tonight.

Architect and designer Christian Wassmann collaborated with Agathe Snow to create the DJ booth. Peep the crazy DJ lineup for the past week:

Matthew Higgs, Spencer Sweeny, Ben & Manderson, No Ordinary Monkey, Chris Mexican, Meagan & Melanie, DJ spun, A-Ron The Downtown Don, Barr (Car Clutch), Roxy Oxy Cottontail, Free Simon, Run & Tug, Harvey, Rich, Tim & Dan (Philly), Oskar (Sweden), Hanna Liden, Stephane S., Morten, Gardar, Oliver & Dominic (Touch of Class), Julia Burlingham, Shayne (Voguers), Renata & Nicky Castro (Brazil), Theodore Fivel (France), Mark Gonzales, Henry, Adi & Angela (Asfour), Michael Portnoy, Andy Spade, Michal & Shoppy, A.R.E. Weapons, Steven, Aurelie & Boy (France), Adam Brenner (England), Frankie, Paul S., Simon O’Conner, Raina Hamne, Mike Fellows, Matt Creed, Rachel Chandler, Lissy Trullie, Leo Fitzpatrick, Taka, Marcus, Matt Damhave & Brian Degraw, Dash Snow, Jack Walls, Ben Cho, Nate Lowman

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