31 March 2008

Killing Season

It’s Spring...the seasonal changes cause new plant growth to "spring forth." Daylight hours rapidly increase and as Chicago warms the snow begins to melt and colors come out. Rejuvenated from a long and cold Chicago winter, many find spring to be about proving themselves. Blood is spilling on the streets and in headlines. Recruiting season in Chicago’s gangs is now upon us. New recruits across all sides are holding down their colors, nation, and hood by killing the innocent along with the enemies. By the looks of the streets, parties, and newspapers, kill-zones have been established and the murders have begun.

As one respectable person mentioned last night, “There are a lot of seats to fill and plenty of asses for the job.” With homicide rates equaling that of the mid-ninties, this year looks to be a bad one. Promise me this, ,when you hear shots don’t spring forth, fall back.


Heather Schmidt said...

I feel that. The first warm weekend is the worst.

Brooks Blair Golden said...

17 kids shot in this last weekend...man o man.