14 March 2008

Text Messages From Hell!!!

By Smoove Poo

Tonight's episode: CUDDLEFUCK!

After missing out on a booty call the night before, Smoove Poo texts that special someone the following morning...

S.Poo: What's good Buttercup?

S.S.: I'm sobering up (hence the drunken booty call)
S.Poo (being extra smoove): Can I lick ur butt 2day? It's nice outside! (the weather has changed for the better)

S.S.: Dunno...I'm sober now. (People see things in a different light when sober)

S.Poo: I know, let's take a walk and get sm forties, like old times...(Desperation sets)

No answer...

1 hour later.

S.Poo (frusturated): U want me to pop that pussy or what??

(Quick reply) S.S: Y do U have to be so nasty?!? (annoyed)

S.Poo: Im just fucking w/u. we can cuddle and drink beer, and then cuddlefuck.

S.S. Ok.

Que "I'm a Flirt" by R. Kelly... Have a nice day Ya'll!

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