12 March 2008

13 Reasons You Write Graffiti

posted by Ghetto P.

1. Your parents were hippies
2. You were a comic book nerd when you were younger
3. Your parents or strange uncle got you into art
4. You are frustrated with the world
5. Your older sister was a writer hoe (mad ill writers would come thru and show you shit)
6. To relieve outside stress
7. You believe art should be made public
8. The normalcy of an ordinary life disturbs you
9. You were born with angst
10. Star Wars
11. You are drunk
12. You dislike authority
13. You just plain old don't give a fuck!


Heather Schmidt said...

"Your parents or strange uncle got you into art"

Yes, but then they tried to make you get into graphic design bc it's more legit. Look, you can create logos!

Funny stuff Ghetto P.!

Frank Serpico said...

UH? Uh? I can't decide...All of the above?

Nicky Dieter said...

Damn P, who's sister are you calling HOE? HAhaa

How about you were born in the suburbs, and thru the 80's & early 90's weekly visits to your grandmothers on 49th & Justine by the Naples Pizza joint, brought you through districts completely slaughtered by Ice Pack, Fedz, Rone, Upski, SB, Sivel, Korl, UFG-THC, etc... But since you had no roots your only thought was it must be gang-relation. So you crew up with a suburban faction of **N (no sence in naming) and start bombing for a nation, then after a bit of knowledge drop it and paint goofy-bad non-rooted letters for yourself. In the suburbs.