25 March 2008

Word of the Day: Raggaeton

In this case, reggaeton is not a noun identifying a class of music, but a negative adjective used to describe any noun. Derived from the fact that reggaeton is pure garbage, its meanings consist of:

1. lacking appealing physical features, especially facial ones
2. someone who or something that is considered totally worthless
3. bad, incompetent, or totally lacking good, attractive, or admirable qualities
4. below an acceptable standard in quality or performance
5. lacking the skill or competence to perform a task adequately
6. not functioning properly because of a fault
7. repugnant or disgusting to the senses

For example, meaning #4: Flip dat bitch-ass chauncey on the corner and his reggaeton product, joe he be 'bout cuttin' the yeaoh straight to hell. It's only good for makin' my dick soft.

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