14 March 2008

Work This Moutha FUCKaahhHa

My first job was in telemarketing doing surveys over the telephone. From 14-17 years of age this funded my every activity, which namely was drug addiction and girls. Through 1994-97 any empty place where a janitor had a key and the need to make money there was a rave between the hours of 12p-6a. This included such locales as Chicago's roller-rinks, expo-centers, warehouses, Burger King basements, lofts, and even funeral homes. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I'd get a phone number that lead to a recorded voice relaying a map-point to the night's party. Pot, LSD,ruffies, ecstasy, coke, heroin, meth, glass, ice, and then rehabilitation. The path wasn't downward, instead it was one hell of a roller coaster, filled with pussy and more drugs. We were immortal until we meet death, but that's for another time.

Chicago was the birth place for house. And ghetto-house or bootie-house was it's little bad-ass bastard. WORK IT!

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UPSET MAG said...

Damn...the second video is illllll!
i was soooo gunna post that doc.