14 March 2008

Why Hoes Should Be Legal

1. So high powered men, like New York's Gov. Eliot Spitzer can continue to fight for ethics reform while cheating on their wives--all without risking criminal prosecution!
2. So we can send prostitutes W-2 forms. Spitzer's escort charged $5000 an hour, nearly $100 a minute, for her services. At 15% tax that's plenty of city flowers that can be planted. Tax them hoes!
3. It lends legitimacy to their real career aspirations. For instance, Spitzer's gal dreamed of making it in the music biz. She might be given more of a chance if she could include on her resume that she was boning the governor.
4. Smarter prostitutes could then form unions, organize health care for their members, and FINALLY get tested for STDs.

I kid. I'm also bothered that Spitzer's wife Silda, tight-lipped and dreary eyed, stood next to him in "support" as he addressed members of the media behind a protective podium the other day. She's doing what dozens of high profile wives have done before her, from Jackie Kennedy to Hilary Clinton. They all took the bullshit. And what happened? Jackie remarried for money and was proclaimed a classic legend of grace and womanhood, while Hilary aspired to be something more and is now criticized for trying to play tough in man's game (even though only a handful of presidents were ever REAL men).


Frank Serpico said...

Oh Snap! What! Yea that's right haha

Anonymous said...

i be flexing these hoes!!!!

Heather Schmidt said...

Mega! I heard you be flexing those west coast gals...

You're so techno-rati.