14 March 2008

Die for Oil

March is a month full of birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. I mean there is my birthday, CommonSense's, the city of Chicago's, and there is one we as Americans we can celebrate together: It's the 5th year of the war in Iraq! So on Wednesday, March 19 grab a glass of champagne and celebrate with your friends and families. After all next year America will not be able to afford imported items.

Feeling extra gitty? Felling like a real man, a patriot, or maybe a little leader of the world-ish? Head down to the recruitment center, sign up, sign your brother, your sister, heck even your father. Now enlist and be 45 years old. America needs you!

Or you can go to:
5th Anniversary of the Iraq War
Mass March & Rally in Chicago
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 - 6 pm

Gather at 6 pm, Federal Plaza (Adams & Dearborn)
Rally, then a Mass March up Michigan Ave. to Washington Square Park (Clark & Delaware)
Call 773-463-0311 for more info or visit the link above.

Chicago's protest in the past 15 years have been made up of pussies and posers, that have gotten nothing done. It's time for everyone that has a problem to take a stand and FIGHT BACK. Fuck the President, straight up eat a dick.

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