23 March 2008

The Chicago Spire

Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's "Chicago Spire" will be added to Chicago's skyline in the year 2011.

Inspiration for the 2,000 foot building came from the patterns in nature, giving the 1,200 unit condo building a tapering seashell-like shape. Chicago, a city known for its architecture, already boasts structures designed by such greats as Mies, Wright, and Gerhy--but none of these architects have changed the skyline of the city like Calatrava.

The good: Celebrity architect will attract more tourism which means more revenue for the city.
The bad: The Spire will probably be all "luxury" condos (and we really need more of those).


Heather Schmidt said...

Cool building. It's like a phallic seashell!

J-RE said...

[Insert dildo joke here]

I despise "progress."

Nicky Dieter said...

It does look like a special dildo with spiral texture for her pleasure.

Paul Theodore Wisniewski said...

looks like a joint