03 March 2008

RIP Wesley Willis

I've been thinking of him lately.

Image from www.alternativetentacles.com

"Give me a RAH" -Him
"Give me a Headbut" -Him
"What? Man!" -Me
"A Headbut, Give me a Headbut!"-Him

That was a Friday in 1995 and my very first encounter with Wesley. I was 14. Heavily blunted off seed-ie weed from our walk off the Belmont #77 bus. Derek and I sat across the street from Wrigley field, in front of Chicago's Metro, killing time for the crowd to loosen up. Slipping a $10 to security was our entry to the sold-out Blue Meanies show. During our wait, as high as Wu-Tang gets, we met Wesley. He sat at a table in front of Metro selling his drawings (architecturally based Chicago-skyline drawings in blue ball-point pen).

"Give me a RAH!" Wesley demanded. After I delivered several rahs and headbuts we pushed off and got in the show. From that moment on I'd run into Wesley about 4 times a year until his death in 2003.

RIP Chicago Artist, Musician, and Legend, Weasley Willis.
Check out his drawings and music, throughout his career. He recorded well over 1,000 songs.

Music Links:
I Whooped Spiderman's Ass
He Goes to Prision
Fuck with me and Find out

Bio Links:

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Frank Serpico said...

Haha funny story nick!
I love his song "Birdman Kicked my Ass" on the Harvey Birdman attorney at law dvd!

I met him once really nice guy